Visiting Our Shop

Before you visit us, please keep in mind the following:

  • You must be 18 or older

    We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18! You must have a valid driver's license, passport, or a photo ID accompanied with a birth certificate in order to receive service. Without proper identification, we will not be able to help you.

  • No Children, Please

    We do not allow any children within our store under the age of 16 with a parent. Please leave your keike (children) at home.

  • Walk-ins

    We do take walk-ins and are happy to work with you, however, only on a first come, first serve basis. To guarantee a specific time, date, and artist, it's best to always book an appointment in advance. Please come in to the studio to book an appointment, as we do not take appointments over the phone. If you live in another state, we are happy to make special arrangements for you. You may inquire on the contact us page.

  • Reference Material

    If you have any reference material in regards to the tattoo you would like, please print it out at your home or office before stopping in. This will make explaining your ideas easier to the artist. Our artists are able to work with your exsisting designs, or create a one of a kind custom piece for you.

  • Have an open mind.

    We do our best to accomodate every client that walks in the door, so keep in mind that if you bring us a design, there is a chance that it will need to be altered or enlarged slightly to preserve the longevity of your tattoo. We guarantee all of our tattoos within the first 6 months, meaning that any tattoo done on the body for the exceptions of the hands and feet we will touch up free of charge. In order to uphold our guarantee, we need to make sure the tattoo is done a certain way and will stand the test of time.

  • White Tattoos

    Although they are very popular, we try and avoid all white tattoos. This is because the tend to age very quickly. On some complexions, white ink has a tendency to turn a yellow or brownish color over time, making it look like a faded scar. We are capable of doing this type of tattoo for you, however please be aware of the fact that it may not last, and we will not touch it up for free.

  • Tiny Tattoos

    We will not tattoo something too small. We do it for your interest as well as ours. When designs are too detailed and then made to be very tiny, the lines will eventually blur together, making the design look fuzzy. Tattoo ink lines inevitably will spread out in your skin as your skins ages and loses elasticity.

  • Foot Tattoos

    We will certainly tattoo the top of your foot. NOT THE HEEL, OR THE TOES, OR THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FOOT, OR THE INSTEP! These areas tend to callus and will not hold ink very well. Please keep in mind with foot tattoos that you need to be extra careful while healing it.

    Before you consider getting your foot tattooed, please read the following:

    • You will NOT be able to wear socks, sneakers, or anything that will entirely cover your tattoo for at LEAST one week. No re-bandaging at all!
    • Wintertime is the worst time of year to heal a foot tattoo.
    • If you wait until summertime to get the foot tattooed, you need to make sure that you do NOT submerge your feet in water aka bathtub, swimming, keep it out of the suns direct rays, and be VERY mindful that you are healing an open wound with flip flops on, so be careful when walking in the rain or kicking up dirt from the ground on your fresh tattoo.
    • WE DO NOT GUARANTEE FOOT TATTOOS! If you need a touch up, you will have to pay for it every time. We will not guarantee them because we know that they do not age very well. You need to baby your tattoo the entire time while its healing.
  • Custom work

    Steps to take if you would like custom work done:

    • Pick your artist first from our online portfolio or stop in to view the artist portfolios.
    • We will book you a free consultation with the artist of your choice, which is a 1/2 hr meeting with that artist to discuss your design.
    • At the time of your consultation, come prepared with any images that will help the artist create your custom design, as well as leave a deposit to book your appointment for your first session.
    • Large custom work can take months or even years to complete. Speak with an artist about pricing.
    • Please expect at least 1-2 weeks or longer waiting period for custom drawings. Some artists you may even have to wait a month, but do not let that stop you from getting something that will last a lifetime - be picky about your artist!
  • Facial Tattoos & Permanent Makeup Application

    We will NOT tattoo your face. If you are interested in permanent makeup application, please seek a licensed professional in your area that is certified for this type of work. There are all different machines, inks and procedures for facial tattooing.

  • If you are looking for a cover-up

    Keep in mind that most coverups will have to be at LEAST double the size of your existing tattoo, and may take more than one session to complete. Please stop in and show us what you would like to cover up and we will do our best to help you with your new design.

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